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Yes to Life 
   - Coaching that 
          helps you say
                   'YES to life!' 

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Who are we...?

We are a group of certified life coaches, coordinated by an experienced doctor and coach , Dr Keri Thomas OBE (right)  offering  coaching support to any who may be struggling at this time, experiencing challenges  or anxiety, or just seeking help to optimise their 'one wild and precious' life!  

In particular we seek to support  those who care for others- doctors , nurses ,other health or social care professionals and family carers. . 

The stone 'Yes Woman'. who inspired 'Yes to Life'! 
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About us

About us

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Life can be a mad rollercoaster !

Life can be a mad rollercoaster.  with little time to reflect or catch our breath, to see more clearly or reset our priorities. It’s been tough for so many people these last few years due to consequences of the COVID pandemic and other pressures.  Its been particularly tough for doctors , nurses and other frontline health and care workers  in particular - and its this group we'd like to help support   as a priority, though others are welcomed too . The need for such support is high at present, AND  WE ARE HERE TO OFFER OUR HELP! 


Often things just get in the way, urgent  demands overtake us, or our negative feelings overwhelm us and we can’t reconnect with that inner spark, that affirmation of 'yes to life' buried deeply within us . We feel we are ' not waving but drowning 'under it all!  But deep inside the spark of your recovery is already there!



Coaching is for the well and for those struggling. Coaching offers the chance  to pause, reflect, take stock, reconnect with our deepest resilient selves within , being held within a safe space  to encourage our deepest realisations to emerge. Through  deeply listening  , encouragement, held in a supported relationship , then we can see and feel  things differently again , reconnect to the 'yes' deep within,  and ' begin again to live a  life in all its fullness' ! 

How this can help?

If you’re struggling or even if you’re doing fine externally but just seeking some extra support and growth, or feel its time to address an issue that’s niggling you, coaching can help you regain perspective, reframe issues, clarify goals and create a safe space for you to explore this further.

We can help you do this - we offer this support to all , but notably those caring for others , for doctors, nurses  and frontline health and social care staff who may be   struggling, especially after the traumas of recent years . 

Yes to Life Coaching
can help you say  ‘yes to life’ again!

What We Offer

  •  A free introductory welcome session, clarifying next steps or signposting to other support .


  • Further  coaching sessions- either pro-bono  sessions, or continued  at negotiated rates.

  • A focus on caring for care providers - doctors, nurses , other health and social care providers or those  struggling in caring roles.

  • Coaching, mentoring, support or signposting , working with a number of trained, certified personal and relational coaches or mentors .

  • Transformational  coaching centred on you and your needs , to discuss in confidence how you feel, what you might want instead and how coaching might help, offering you space to find your ‘yes to life’ again.    

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How This Might Help You?

  • An opportunity to discuss in confidence your situation, how you feel and how coaching might help you.

  •  In the freely available welcome session with Dr Keri Thomas a ‘fellow traveller’ as a medic, and a listening ear, this  help you clarify your thinking and develop your next steps on the journey , which might lead to ongoing coaching with one of our  independent but like-minded colleagues .  

  • Coaching can help create a safe space for you to re- prioritise the most important things in your life,  practice self-compassion, regain perspective, be clearer and better able to get to your ‘yes to life’ again!

See our flyer here

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 See below- Birdtalker song 'One'                       and  Fia's  'Shedding Skins'  song             - inspiring and heart-warming                    affirming our ' yes to life' again 

Trained and Certified by Barefoot Coaching and members of the International Coaching Federation  (ICF) 

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“With your natural warmth, you created a safe place for me to move into and hear my deepest  thinking.   Such a good experience!" 

Pete M

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