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About Dr Keri Thomas, Founder

Yes to Life was set up by Dr Keri Thomas , doctor and Executive and Transformational Life Coach as part of Horizon Life Care , an organisation working to both improve end of life care and enhance life before death

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Keri is a mother of five, grandmother of 3 (nearly 4!) a committed Christian in the contemplative spiritual tradition. She has been a doctor for over 40 years formerly a GP, hospice doctor, and 20 years ago as founder, CEO and now Chair of The GSF Centre in End of Life Care and GSF International.

In addition to being trained in counselling and mentoring as a doctor, she undertook the Barefoot Coaching programme in 2021-2  and is certified by them, and working under the International Coaching Federation 

About me

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My personal story as a young widow

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and the development of The Andrew Rodger Charitable Trust

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GSF-UK  GSF work in End of Life Care

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GSF International and the work of our charity in Africa through the Andrew Rodger Trust

20 years GSF in the UK Birthday Celebration 

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Other coaches working with Yes to Life

Working with friends and colleagues, including other Barefoot trained and certified coaches, we aim to support  others through relational  transformational coaching, fellow medics, nurses and others caring for people in need during these tough demanding times.

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