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The Portland Stone Yes Woman!

I recently  begun lessons in sculpture  and tried my hand at carving in Portland stone learning from two brilliant teachers Hannah Sofaer and Paul Crabtree from Learning Stone sited in a wonderful  ancient quarry on Tout quarry Portland Island (See What emerged for me gradually, as I chipped away at the beautiful ancient millions-of years-old Portland limestone , was an image of a woman celebrating life, emerging from the stonework, feminine with curves, rooted in the unrefined stone base  , but also aspirational and reaching out , both in joyous celebration of life and also in connecting with something greater than her. It was a deeply spiritual and soul-affirming experience , (for which I greatly thank , brilliant sculptors both) .

I mounted her on a plinth in my garden,  the plinth itself made from fossil-filled millions-of years-old limestone with a great history to tell, and thought how we stand on the shoulders of greatness in the lives we live now, and yet we reach for that which is greater than ourselves, seeking to complete the circuit of transcendent being, the link between  both the human and divine being in us all  . 


On sunny days , the light catches her just right , and if I feel low, she inspires me to reach out beyond the imperfect sense I’m making of the world, at that moment ,  to something greater and beyond, and (as Richard Rohr puts it ) “to live a life that’s greater than your  own”! So, she inspires me daily , and this led me on to the ‘Yes to Life’ affirmation upon which I am building my offer of support and coaching  for others .

Me and Yes woman  vs 2 IMG_6904.jpg
Ys woman in garden bigger IMG_8912.jpg
Yes woman inside IMG_8891.jpg

1 Underpinning Coaching concept –

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2 Spiritual basis of Yes to Life

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3 Psychological basis of Yes to Life

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4 Neuroscientific basis of Yes to Life

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5 Shakespearian and other Literature

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