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Dr Rachel Morris , Shapes toolkit , Frog podcasts – a brilliant doctor coach, frontrunner , offering loads of support at all different levels  including the shapes toolkit – highly recommended

The Joyful Doctor - Caroline Walker – a fantastic leading organisation supporting doctors with a wide range of offers and groups – highly recommended

Permission to Thrive  programme for doctors        – led by both Rachel and Caroline

Rewire Coaching – a fantastic Christian coaching company led by Dr Kara Lawman, with a strong focus on using current neuroscientific insights  to support  clients to self regulate and heal -’transforming your thinking and feelings through the renewing of the mind’ . – highly recommended

Centre for Action and Contemplation CAC USA  – daily emails from Richard Rohr and his wonderful team, inspiring ,  renewing and refreshing through deep contemplative Christian insight from ancient wisdom of the Desert Elders and others through history from the Contemplative tradition  – mind blowing and highly recommended

NHS England  Supporting Our People- resources available to NHS staff , and links to local Wellbeing Hubs 

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